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\\ welcome to the online home of saurabbhargava \\

\\ 2011.02.01 a goal fulfilled \\
it has always been a goal of mine to learn rachmaninoff's third concerto on piano, starting with the famous 'ossia' cadenza from the first movement. recently i embarked on that task, and i'm way ahead of schedule. listen to a 'draft' performance of me performing the cadenza here

\\ 2010.12.22 a journey documented \\
check out this video compilation of the recording process of chromatique here

\\ 2009.09.13 bottom lounge \\
thanks to everyone who came in support of the set on friday at the bottom lounge. we blasted through 'enter', 'who i am', 'the sound, the touch', 'through the line', 'exit', and 'yours in mine'. some pictures are online here. next show on 2009.10.18 at the darkroom...see you there!

\\ 2009.08.04 some great press... \\
jim derogatis of the chicago sun-times and 'sound opinions' was kind enough to listen to the record and give it a great write-up. you can view it here. thanks, jim!

\\ 2009.06.18 help spread the word! \\
would love if you can help spread the word. share me on facebook here

\\ 2009.06.09 chromatique arrives \\
chromatique is now available! click here to purchase it.

\\ 2009.05.22 chromatique live \\
had a successful show at martyrs in chicago last night. thanks to all who came in support. pictures and media available soon!

\\ 2009.04.29 happy birthday to me \\
32 never felt so good

\\ 2009.04.23 twitter \\
you can follow me on twitter @rubrub9. i usually post with what i'm listening to at the moment.

\\ 2009.04.20 gig booked and some press (albeit not music-related) \\
2009.05.21 @ martyrs

also, there's no such thing as bad press, right? here's an interview i recently did at sxsw in austin in regards to online marketing and technology.

\\ 2009.04.01 chromatique \\
the new record, chromatique is almost ready. want your own copy? check back here soon for a link...

\\ 2009.03.29 thank you \\
thank you to everyone for all the support, guidance, and patience in getting this project done. musically, thank you to dave suycott (producer), rick barnes (engineer), and kendall stephens (mastering) at raxtrax.

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